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Easy Watermark Creator is easy-to-use tool for adding visible watermarks to your pictures
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22 July 2015

Editor's review

Easy Watermark Creator, easy to use watermark creation software is specialized in protecting your images with visible watermarks.
As the name suggests this powerful tool with a easy to use interface will allow you to create visible watermarks on your images. The preventive tool will virtually add a text or image watermark to your photos in seconds to protect them from un-authorized use. A simple to use tool loads source image from BMP, JPEG, PSD, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, GIF- files. The tool supports in adding text, picture and date watermarks. Other features include; BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIFF, ICO picture formats support for watermarks, transparent and tiled watermark support, edits the parameters of the watermark, allows to duplicates, rotates and flips watermarks, multi-lingual support and much more features.
This tool with its simplicity and efficiency will protect and personalize your images, photos and files with high quality watermark.

Publisher's description

Easy Watermark Creator is an easy-to-use tool for adding visible watermarks to your pictures and photos.
Reasons to use Easy Watermark Creator:
- protection from unauthorized use of your pictures on the Web;
- as an image constructor by adding files with transparent backgrounds;
- to draw texture on your pictures;
- to render your pictures.
Program features:
- loads source image from BMP, JPEG (JPG), TIFF (TIF), GIF, PCX, PSD, PNG, TGA - files;
- loads source images from multipage TIFF - file;
- resizes, rotates, flips source image, crops its rectangular patch;
- supports watermark types: text, picture, date;
- supports BMP, JPEG (JPG), TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, ICO, TGA - picture formats for watermarks;
- shows EXIF data from JPEG and TIFF - pictures;
- extracts date and time from EXIF to watermarks;
- supports transparency of watermarks;
- supports tiled watermarks;
- edits parameters of watermarks;
- duplicates, rotates and flips watermarks;
- moves watermarks on image by mouse;
- fixed watermark size in millimeters for TIFF - files;
- copies image with added watermarks to clipboard in BMP - format;
- pastes image from clipboard with added watermarks and without them;
- saves image with added watermarks to GIF, BMP, JPG, PDF, TIFF(including multipage TIFF), PNG, SWF - files;
- saves image with EXIF data and added watermarks to JPEG and TIFF - files;
- sets JPEG compression quality;
- sets compression method for output TIFF - files;
- creates BMP, JPG, PDF, TIFF(including multipage TIFF), PNG or GIF - files with added watermarks from command line;
- allows to apply selected list of watermarks to group of image files (batch wizard);
- sets defined file type and size of output images for command line and batch wizard;
- saves watermark list as W - file;
- supports multi-language interface.
Easy Watermark Creator
Easy Watermark Creator
Version 3.4
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